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Gippsland gas firing Australia’s glass industry


Oceania Glass extended its gas sales agreement (GSA) with ExxonMobil subsidiary Esso Australia twice last year, meaning Gippsland gas will be used to ensure manufacturing work can continue for years to come. 

Oceania Glass is Australia’s only manufacturer of architectural flat glass, making and distributing format glass for use in Australian homes and buildings.

Operating from a 420 m long float line in the Dandenong South region of Melbourne, Oceania Glass produces 165,000 tonnes of flat glass every year.

The company requires large amounts of energy to maintain the 2000 tonne furnace at the heart of its operations. This entails gas-fired power from the nearby Gippsland Basin supplied by Esso. 

“Certainly, for us as glass manufacturers, there are no real current alternatives for glassmaking outside of natural gas or other carbon fuels. We are proud to use Gippsland gas to manufacture our glass for use in Australian homes and buildings,” said Oceania Glass chief executive Corné Kritzinger.

ExxonMobil Australia Chairman Dylan Pugh said Esso continued to invest in delivering gas from the Gippsland Basin to Australian homes and businesses, supporting local jobs and the Australian economy.

“With the current boom in Australia’s home renovation and construction industry, Australian manufacturers are relying on gas to support their production of in-demand materials such as glass, bricks, roofing and cement,” said Pugh. 

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