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Glenaras 28 concludes drilling

Silver City Rig 23 on Glenaras gas project

Galilee Energy has confirmed that Silver Rig 23 has completed Glenaras 28, part of the Glenaras project, located in central Queensland.

Glenaras 28 is the second well of the 2022 program which includes the drilling, completing, connecting, and powering of an additional five vertical wells.

Glenaras 28 was drilled to a total depth of 1038 m and intersected a total of 27 m of coal. Similar to Glenaras 24, the coals exhibited gassy behaviour on intersection.

The drilling of the well was completed on schedule despite over 50 mm of rain falling on the site and access roads.

This unseasonal second rain event has caused further saturation of the area and is the highest rainfall for 30 years in the region for this time of the year.

The drilling campaign will recommence once the unsealed council and access roads have dried sufficiently to allow heavy equipment movement.

This is expected to be within the next week, with the weather and current situation being closely monitored and factored into forward planning.

Glenaras 27 is the next well to be drilled. Project plans are currently being amended to optimise efficiencies regarding equipment, materials and crews in order to continue to drive the program forward on what has thus far been, with the exception of the unseasonal weather events, a very smooth drilling campaign.