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Glenaras drilling re-commences

Glenaras rig, Galilee Energy

Galilee Energy has confirmed that the Silver City Rig 23 has commenced drilling the second of five wells at Glenaras, located in central Queensland.

The Glenaras Gas Project, which is is 100 per cent owned and operated by Galilee Energy, is located in the western portion of the Galilee Basin. Early data indicates it has the potential to be a major new source of gas, which could help to mitigate the predicted gas supply shortfalls.

Galilee will drill, connect and power a total of five vertical wells at Glenaras. These wells are designed to drawdown coal below critical desorption and produce commercial gas flow rates.

The mobilisation of the second well was delayed due to a rain event of more than 160 millimetres, which limited site access along unsealed local and council roads. However, the roads have now dried out sufficiently, which has allowed operations to safely resume.

Since the drilling re-commenced yesterday, the rig has already drilled 200 metres. It is currently preparing to run surface testing.

All of wells in this program will be drilled to a depth of around 1000 metres, with a 7″ production casing run and cemented in place. The drilling is expected to take about a week for each well.

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