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Galilee bounces back after pump troubles

Glenaras rig, Galilee Energy

Galilee Energy has confirmed gas flows are promising for the Glenaras multi-well pilot program, with the Galilee Basin project now progressing despite mechanical malfunctions.

Recent direct pressure measurements have confirmed prospects for unlocking gas reserves in multiple coal seams over a large area in the Glenaras field. 

According to Galilee, once unlocked, the Galilee field will be one of the largest uncontracted gas resources accessible to supply the eastern Australian gas market. 

The update stated that the pump enhancement program (PEP) was successfully drawing down the pressure across the pilot area at an accelerated rate. 

“These date demonstrate clearly that since the recent implementation of the PEP, and with sustained high rates of water production at the vertical pilot wells, the target pressure depletion across the pilot area, and anticipated material increase in gas desorption rates consequent on such depletion, is well within reach,” the update read.

“With the realisation of such rates, the Gelaras Pilot would unlock one of the largest uncontracted gas resources accessible to supply the short-eastern Australian gas market.” 

The company has unfortunately experienced mechanical failures with pumps in the central and vertical wells. 

Galilee said anecdotally, the cause for pump failure is related to the impact of gas and/or solids entering the pump inlets. 

The company’s current priority is to install new pumps in the G1L, G23 and G20 wells, incorporating modifications to improve the handling of gas. 

Worker operations are set to commence 27 October, with pumps expected back online by mid-November. 

Galilee has had full ownership of the Glenaras Gas Project since late 2015, and the project has one of the largest remaining uncontracted gas resources on the east coast.

The permit was identified as optimal for coal seam gas and has seen considerable exploration activity over the lst 15 years.

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