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Glenaras multi-wells produce strongly

Galilee Energy

Galilee Energy will accelerate water off take to maximise reservoir pressure decline at its Glenaras operations in Queensland.

As water rates decline naturally with decreasing reservoir pressure, the surplus pump and water handling capacity at some wells presented an opportunity to further accelerate drawdown by perforating additional zones in the wells.

The company outlined that to this end, with the availability of an on-site workover rig, three candidates were identified to have additional new zones perforated, Glenaras-10, Glenaras-12 and Glenaras-16.

The workover activities on Glenaras-10 and Glenaras-16 are now completed with Glenaras-10 now online and Glenaras-16 to be brought online over the next few days.

Galilee further highlighted that the natural gas rate at the pilot was tainted at 70 Mscfd notwithstanding Glenaras-10 and Glenaras-16 being offline.

The two reductive wells are now in the process of being brought online with gas production observed at each of the six vertical wells and the natural gas rate now approaching 80 Mscfd.

The production from these wells will be progressively optimised and the workover rig is currently undertaking the perforation operations on the Glenaras-12 well.

In addition, the company outlined that a regional pressure monitoring program gas be conducted and the Glenaras-8 well has been re-entered and pressure tested.

The tests have demonstrated material pressure depletion, confirming that the reservoir sequence is highly productive and continuous over a large distance.