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Glenaras pilot wells back online

Galilee, Glenaras-26 gas project glenaras 29

Galilee Energy has announced that its existing Glenaras pilot wells are back online, despite an extended shutdown due to excessive rainfall in central Queensland.

Water rates are approaching pre-drilling program rates – approximately 18,000 barrels of water per day (BWPD). As a result of recent rainfall events in the area, Galilee saw reservoir pressure increase across the Glenaras Pilot. However, the Pilot is seeing excellent reservoir connectivity and pressure drawdown across the current wells.

The sixth and final well for the multi-well pilot, Glenaras 29, was completed in July 2022. The well was drilled in the centre of existing lateral wells, granting it the benefit of interference and shielding in an area of maximum depletion.

Development of the Pilot has been repeatedly impacted by unseasonal rain events, which has periodically limited site access during drilling. In May, the drilling of the second well for the project was delayed in May 2022 due to an unforeseen rainfall of over 160 millimetres. Workers had to wait for road surfaces to dry out before being able to access the site and recommence digging.

Construction of an additional irrigation system has progressed, which should see the new Pilot wells commissioned within the next 2 weeks.

The Glenaras Gas Project is 100 per cent owned and operated by Galilee, and may be a mitigating factor in the ongoing Australian gas shortage.

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