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Glenaras production to ramp up following commissioning

Galilee Energy has advised that Glenaras 19, 20 and 23 wells have undergone initial flow production tests as part of the electrical submersible pumps (ESPs) commissioning process, with all three wells now being brought online for continuous production.

Part of the Glenaras multi-well program in Queensland, the company reported that the new wells are demonstrating excellent water rate, flowing at rates in excess of 3000 barrels of water per day (BWPD) in aggregate as the fluid levels in these wells continue to be drawn down.

“The aggregate water rate for the entire pilot is now in excess of 9000 BWPD which augurs well for achieving the pilot’s intended objective of accelerating the depressurisation process and achieving commercial gas flow rates,” the company outlined.

Galilee advised that it expects it will take three to six months of production drawdown from the entire pilot, including six additional wells, until material gas production rates are observed.

Earlier this week the company announced that it had officially completed the commissioning of Glenaras 19, 20 and 23 as part of its multi-well pilot program in the Galilee Basin.

The company previously announced that the Silver City rig had completed the recent drilling campaign with the drilling of five additional vertical wells, with the completions rig installing ESPs to the wells.

Last week Galilee advised that concurrent with drilling operations, the water production flow line connecting the pilot to the existing water storage facility has been constructed and tied in at surface.

Managing director Peter Lansom said the team made progress on the drilling and completions program, achieving it in a safe manner and within budget.

“The aim of these additional vertical wells is to enhance the reservoir pressure drawdown and to accelerate the onset of gas production. Galilee is now well placed to deliver on its strategy of becoming a significant gas supplier into the east coast market,” Lansom said.

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