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Glenaras reaches significant milestone

Galilee’s 100 per cent owned and operated Glenaras multilateral pilot program in the Galilee Basin has achieved a measured gas flow of 15–20 Mscd in aggregate.

These gas rates, measured via orifice plate meters at each well, are steadily increasing as fluid levels in the wells are reduced further.

Galilee Managing Director Peter Lansom said the measurable gas flows are a significant milestone for the Glenaras program.

“The pilot is progressing extremely well and I’m looking forward to seeing the increased drawdown of the coal and gas production ramping up over the ensuing months,” said Mr Lansom.

The pilot’s five lateral wells are on continuous production and performing strongly, with the water rates continuing to level off as gas production increases.

Over the coming weeks, production will continue to be ramped up in order to achieve full reservoir drawdown.

For more information visit the Galilee website.

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