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Gorgon repairs improve LNG shipments: EnergyQuest

Australian liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipments in November were higher compared with October after repairs to Train 2 at the Gorgon LNG project in Western Australia were completed.

Outlined in EnergyQuest’s Australian LNG monthly November report, Australian projects shipped 6.9 million tonnes (Mt) in November, compared with 6.7Mt in October.

Gorgon shipments increased to 15 cargoes during the month compared to 13 in October after the project reached 80 per cent of nameplate capacity following ongoing repairs since May.

Chevron explained that the experience gained from repairing Train 2 would speed top the inspection and potential repair work needed on Trains 1 and 3.

“The length of the shutdown will be determined by what is discovered during inspections. Inspections and potential work will take place on Train 3 following the completion of the Train 1 phase,” Chevron reported in November.

East coast LNG shipments increased to another record 2.126Mt in November (2.05Mt in October), with 32 cargoes compared to 31 in October, and 28 cargoes of 1.879Mt a year ago.

“This is the first time in the history of the east coast production that nameplate capacity has been exceeded in a month,” EnergyQuest stated.

West coast shipments also increased during November, with its projects shipping 4.8Mt during the month.

The main changes were due to two more cargoes from Gorgon compared to October, with Prelude set to add a further 300,000 tonnes per month once back in full production.

However, while west coast shipments were up, LNG shipments from the North West Shelf (NWS) decreased to 20 cargoes of 1.408Mt.

“Of the 20 NWS cargoes delivered in November, 12 were delivered to Japan (13 in October), six to China and two to Korea. NWS domestic production averaged 46 terajoules (TJ/d) in November, well down compared with 56 TJ/d in October,” the report highlighted.