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High productivity at Mahalo North

Mahalo North gas production increasing

Mahalo North production testing has continued with very high reservoir productivity, Comet Ridge reports. 

The production testing operations are focused on the high-productivity fairway in the southern section of ATP 2048, around 4 km to the north of the existing Mahalo Pilot Scheme. 

Since commencing production testing at Malo North on 14 January 2022, the down hole pump has performed as designed with Comet Ridge initiating a consistent series of pump speed increased to facilitate the dewatering process. 

At the end of February, the well was producing around 508 barrels of water per day. 

The pumping rate will continue to be steadily increased over the coming weeks. 

Material gas production at Mahalo North is expected to take a number of months to develop, as the coal reservoir pressure is progressively reduced by increasing the pump speed to remove water from the coal. 

In anticipation of higher water and gas rates during the production testing phase, Comet Ridge has now completed the installation of the third and largest water storage tank. 

This will provide Comet Ridge with significant water handling facilities for the production testing phase. 

Managing director Tor McCaul said that despite the significant rainfall in Southeast Queensland recently, the water in the Mahalo area has been much more moderate. 

“The final piece of infrastructure, the large water tank, was installed recently with the production test running smoothly to date,” McCaul said. 

“We have been pleased to see the very high and increasing water productivity from the coal reservoir during this early dewatering phase of the test.” 

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