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Hydrogen on the cards for Buru’s Currajong well

Buru Energy has encountered a natural hydrogen in the mudgas at the Currajong 1 well in the Canning Basin, Western Australia.

The company advised that in addition to routine mudlog hydrocarbon gas detection and logging, a specialised hydrogen mudgas detection unit was installed on the rig for this well.

This unit detected a zone of up to 6 per cent hydrogen percentage in mudgas over an interval of approximately six metres from 2,014 metres measured depth.

Buru said the result is encouraging in confirming the presence of natural hydrogen in the Canning Basin.

Chairman Eric Streitberg said the results so far at Currajong 1 were encouraging, and the company looked forward to the production test to confirm the interpretation of the well results.

“The detection of natural hydrogen in the well also validates our view that this could represent a valuable future resource,” he said.

In addition, the well has since been drilled ahead in 8.5-inch hole to a total measured depth of 2340m, and wireline logs have been acquired over the open hole section.

Wireline logs indicate porous zones with interpreted oil saturations at the top of the Ungani Dolomite equivalent section and potential oil bearing zones are also present in a lower dolomite section equivalent to the porous dolomite interval seen in the nearby Praslin 1 well.

As is the case with the vugular dolomites in the Ungani wells, wireline log interpretation needs to be validated by flow testing, and the joint venture has therefore agreed to run 7 inch (178 mm) casing and perform a cased hole test.

Buru advised that that Ensign 963 rig will be released from Currajong 1 well following the completion of the 7-inch casing installation.

“The next well in the exploration program, Rafael 1, is targeting a geologically distinct formation to Currajong 1 with significantly larger potential resources and we are very much looking forward to drilling that prospect,” Streitberg added.

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