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Interstate gas is on the cards

The proposed $A500 million project would transport and store gas along 900 kilometres of pipeline and increase competition between gas suppliers in New South Wales.

The pipeline would run between Wambo, South East Queensland, and Wellington in New South Wales’ northeast, and consist of four sections to be developed in stages.

The interstate pipeline would allow transportation of gas from prospective coal seam gas fields in Queensland, which would secure electricity generation in New South Wales and create significant greenhouse abatement.

ERM Managing Director Philip St Baker said ERM had revised some already approved projects that were awaiting finance in order to make the interstate pipeline more feasible.

ERM had previously proposed a pipeline to run from Alectown to Wellington as part of its Wellington Power Station project. The company is now investigating an alternative route between for that pipeline to increase the feasibility and sustainability of the interstate pipeline.

“In July, we met with the New South Wales Treasury to discuss the challenges we are facing in arranging finance for the Wellington Power Station project and we have written to Infrastructure Australia to ask for the project to be prioritised as critical infrastructure,”? Mr St Baker said.

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