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JERA commits to a zero emission future

Leading Japanese power producer JERA is in a position to actively lead the way to a low-carbon society.

The company is involved with a number of Australian projects, including the Ichthys liquified natural gas (LNG), the Wheatstone LNG project, Gorgon LNG project and Darwin LNG project.

To accelerate its initiatives, the company has established JERA Zero CO2 emissions 2050, an initiative to achieve zero CO2 emissions in the next three decades.

JERA has also formulated a roadmap to achieve its goal by establishing a new environmental target to be achieved by 2030.

Under JERA Zero CO2 emission 2050, the company aims to achieve zero emissions through complementarity between renewable energy and zero CO2 emission thermal power generation, establishing a roadmap suitable for each country and region and smart transition.

“JERA will promote the adoption of greener fuels and pursue thermal power that does not emit CO2 during power generation,” the company stated.

“We have developed a roadmap for our business in Japan and will extend this approach to other countries and regions.”

The main pillars of the roadmap include shutting down all inefficient coal power plants by 2030, and a gradual increase in the ratio of mixed combustion of fossil fuels, ammonia, and hydrogen at thermal power plants.

JERA will gradually develop its roadmap in greater detail based on relevant conditions such as government policies.

The company also stated it would continue to be a leader in decarbonisation of the energy industry by tackling various issues in cooperation with related organisations, groups, and stakeholders.