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LCK receives heritage authorisation for gasification project

Leigh Creek Energy (LCK) announced that its application under section 23 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988 has been approved by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation, permitting the development of the in-situ gasification project within the former Leigh Creek Coalfield. 

This approval follows on from the granting of a Petroleum Production Licence back in late 2020. 

LCK managing director Phil Staveley said the outcome of the application recognises the significant economic benefits for shareholders, the state and the wider community. 

“Our commitment, as a company, is to make a positive difference in the areas and the communities in which we operate,” said Staveley. 

“What we achieve in the Leigh Creek area will be the proof.” 

Authorisation was sought to enable the gasification of underground coal deposits using in-situ techniques, as well as drilling wells for exploration, production, monitoring and hydrogeological purposes. 

After extensive consultation with the local community and the traditional owners, the South Australian Government granted authorisation early this month.

“The conditions of my authorisation require Leigh Creek Energy to minimise disturbance to Aboriginal Heritage by complying with the Heritage Discovery Procedure of the Department of Premier and Cabinet – Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation and a Cultural Heritage Management Plan to be developed after seeking input from ATLA and Traditional Owners,” South Australian Treasurer Rob Lucas stated. 

Obligations to delver a safe, environmentally sound and socially responsible project still remain in accordance with State Government requirements. 

A number of conditions have been placed on the authorisation, and Leigh Creek Energy intends to satisfy these. 

Conditions include but are not limited to: compliance with AAR Aboriginal Heritage discovery protocols; compliance with all Statements of Environmental Objectives; the presence of a full-time community liaison officer to engage with traditional owners. 

The former Leigh Creek Coalfield is located north of Copley in the Flinders Ranges. 

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