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LNG exports continue to thrive: EnergyQuest

Australian liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipments in July were steady compared with June due to continued maintenance and repairs at Gorgon, according to EnergyQuest’s monthly report.

Overall, Australian projects shipped 5.8 million tonnes (Mt), a total of 85 cargoes, during the month, compared with 5.9 Mt in June.

EnergyQuest’s Australian LNG July 2020 report estimates 22 Australian cargoes loaded during July have anchored offshore or are steaming slowly awaiting final destination orders, following 33 cargoes being delayed in June and 41 in May.

North West Shelf (NWS) LNG shipments decrease in July, with the project shipping 18 cargoes of 1.276 Mt, less than the 20 cargoes of 1.398 Mt in June.

At Gorgon, shipments increased in July, with 11 cargoes of 0.73 Mt, compared to eight cargoes of 0.56 Mt in June.

However, due to Gorgon requiring maintenance and repair work on heat exchangers, the plant shutdown was extended, resulting in Chevron bringing an alternative cargo for loading in late July from Ichthys.

“Shell reportedly also bought a cargo for delivery at the end of July to replace supply from Gorgon. Sources believe Shell has demand for additional alternative cargoes, but spot cargoes were plentiful,” EnergyQuest stated.

Wheatstone shipments remained steady during July, shipping 13 cargoes of 862 thousand tonnes (kt), with seven cargoes delivered to Japan, three to China, one to Korea and one to Taiwan.

The report further highlighted that Pluto and Ichthys’ production remained steady during July, with Pluto shipping six cargoes and Ichthys shipping nine.

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