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LNG from Prelude too hot

Shell’s giant LNG project located off the coast of Western Australia has now shipped five LNG cargoes since its maiden export earlier this year, but according to The West Australian the heating value of the gas has been as high as 1,170 btu/scf (43.59 mj/m3).

This temperature is too high for China’s gas market, while Japan’s maximum level for gas is 1,160 btu/scf (43.22 mj/m3).

Additional ethane in the LNG is reportedly causing the increase in heat and, while injecting nitrogen into the mix can lower the temperature, this would result in additional costs.

Shell has not commented on the matter and it is not currently known how the company is addressing the issue.

Prelude has a production capacity for liquids of at least 5.3 MTPA, including 3.6 MTPA of LNG, 1.3 MTPA of condensate and 0.4 MTPA of liquified petroleum gas.

It is expected to continue production for more than two decades.

For more information visit the Shell Australia website.

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