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LNG marine fuel to play significant role: Pilbara Ports

Pilbara Ports Authority is anticipating the arrival of an LNG bunkering hub in the Pilbara region of Western Australia after issuing the first ship-to-ship LNG bunkering service.

The first LNG bunkering service licenses were granted to Woodside Energy for the ports of Dampier and Port Hedland in April 2020.

Pilbara Ports Authority chief executive officer Roger Johnston said it represented a commitment towards sustainability.

“The LNG bunkering hub not only captures the benefits of changing fuels to be more environmentally friendly, but also creates up to 125 jobs in the Pilbara, including skilled mariners and support administration. This is great news for the Pilbara and WA,” he said.

“The licences with Woodside Energy are the first of their kind in Australia, and are a significant step towards establishing an LNG bunkering hub for bulk vessels in the Pilbara.

“The development of the hub shows our commitment to work to align our operations with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.”

According to Pilbara Ports Authority, around 39.6 per cent of Australia’s and 8.8 per cent of global LNG exports are from the ports of Dampier and Ashburton — which operate under Pilbara Ports Authority.

State Minister of Ports Alannah MacTiernan MLC said an LNG bunkering hub would advance Western Australia to become the major supplier and producer of renewable hydrogen in Australasia.

“We’ve moved quickly to capitalise on this opportunity before our competitors in South East Asia claim the mantle,” Minister MacTiernan said.

“Importantly, a Pilbara LNG Bunkering Hub provides the platform for Western Australia to become the region’s major renewable hydrogen producer and fuelling stop, driving down carbon emissions from shipping and creating a whole new industry for the Pilbara.”