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Lockyer Deep-1 exceeds pre-drill expectations

Norwest, Lockyer Deep-1 Gas Discovery Well

Norwest Energy has confirmed that the Lockyer Deep-1 discovery in the Perth Basin has exceeded pre-drill expectations. 

The update follows the recent completion of wireline logging operations at the conventional gas discovery well. 

The EP368 joint venture petrophysical analysis confirms a 34 m gross pay interval at the top of King Sandstone, between 3,888 m and 3,922 m, with gas interpreted down to low permeability of tight rock. 

Based on a porosity cutoff, net gas pay within this interval is 20.2 m predominantly within the upper section.

This pay zone has been deemed of exceptional quality, with an average perocity of 16 per cent and average permeability estimated at 500 millidarcies. 

Based on a gas column of up to 800 m, the indicative areal extent of the discovery is around 66 km2, with an additional 22 km2 of low-risk upside in the downthrown fault block to the south of the North Erregulla culmination. 

Norwest Energy managing director Iain Smith said the Lockyer Deep-1 discovery was an extraordinary outcome for the company.

“The upper King pay interval is arguably the highest quality reservoir encountered thus far within the dee Permian gas play of the north Perth Basin, and this fact combined with an inferred significant gas column gives us good reason to believe that the structure hosts gas resources that are greater than our pre-drill High Case prospective resources,” Smith said.  

“Such an outcome happens only very rarely in our industry, and we now look forward to production testing of what we expect to be a very high deliverability reservoir.” 

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