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Lockyer supports further exploration in Perth Basin

Map Lockyer Deep, Perth Basin

Warrego Energy has reported that the recent gas discovery at Lockyer Deep-1 may have positive implications for multiple targets within EP469.

The Lockyer Deep-1 gas discovery has expanded the Perth Basin productivity zone by adding Lockyer to Waitsia, Beharra Spring Deep and West Erregulla as significant deep onshore Permian gas fields. 

Warrego’s analysis of the data relating to the four gas fields indicates that gas from the north Dandaragon Trough has migrated through the EP469 permit area.

Judging by this information, Warrego assumes gas has likely filled structures in EP469 such as the West Erregulla and Erregulla wells, before spilling into the north and west towards Lockyer Deep and Waitsia. 

Warrego said this migration pattern is a positive indicator for future exploration and appraisal within the permit area, particularly the upcoming appraisal drilling at WE-3 in the northern area of the West Erregulla gas field scheduled for the first half of 2022. 

Other highly prospective structures have also been identified within the permit area, with 3D seismic surveys expected to provide a superior outcome when evaluated. 

Thus far, only one third of the block has been surveyed with 3D seismic, and the remaining two thirds will be surveyed later in 2022. 

Warrego CEO David Briggs said the news of another significant gas discovery in the northern Perth Basin was welcomed Warrego. 

“The additional data this discovery provides has positive implications for our planned appraisals and exploration activity in EP469, specifically the drilling of WE-3 and the upcoming 3D seismic survey that will greatly enhance our understanding of multiple potential structures within the block,” said Briggs. 

Warrego holds a 50 per cent interest in EP469, including the West Erregulla gas project. 

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