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Lockyer testing and seismic operations underway

Lockyer Ringneck 2D seismic survey

Lockyer Deep-1 operator Energy Resources is preparing to perforate the well in order to begin production testing and obtain a sample of gas from the King reservoir. 

The testing program is scheduled to commence around 9 March, after crews and equipment mobilise from Buru Energy’s Rafael-1 operation in the Canning Basin. 

The Lockyer Deep-1 well test is estimated to take around two weeks. 

Energy Resources has received environmental approvals from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation & Safety, and has secured land access agreements to conduct the 2D seismic program. 

The company expects to receive remaining approvals for the program in the next week. 

Equipment will begin to arrive onsite for the Ringneck 2D seismic program from 16 February, with the 148 line surveys to commence on 24 February. 

The Ringneck survey is designed to improve structural definition of identified exploration leads. 

Norwest Energy is the non-operating joint venture partner in Lockyer Deep-1. Managing director Ian Smith said that Lockyer is the first step to unlocking the value of Norwest’s Perth Basin assets. 

“Having confirmed the significant Lockyer Deep-1 conventional gas discovery back in September last year it is pleasing now enter the next phase of operations with testing of what we anticipate to be a high deliverability well,” said Smith. 

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