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Mahalo gas project gains key approval

Comet Ridge has been granted environmental approval for the Mahalo gas project (MGP) in Queensland under the Commonwealth Government Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

According to Comet Ridge, this is the first of two environmental steps required for the Bowen Basin project to move towards production. The second step is currently being assessed by the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science.

Comet Ridge expects the second step will be concluded over the coming months, subject to the MGP meeting all state environmental regulatory requirements.

The MGP project is a joint venture between Comet Ridge (40 per cent), Santos (30 per cent) and APLNG (30 per cent).

In February, Comet announced that it was continuing to work with Denison Gas and the Mahalo joint venture on the transportation of Mahalo North gas to market.

Comet is the owner and operator of Mahalo North, which is north and contiguous to the MGP in the Denison Trough area of the Bowen Basin.

In addition, the company’s sharpened drive for efficiency, and particular focus on the Mahalo North project, the board has decided that the CFO role is more cost effectively filled on a part-time rather than full time basis.

As a result, Comet has announced that Peter Harding-Smith will be leaving the company, which was effective from last Friday.

The company also stated that other senior management and contractors have had hours reduced with duties primarily focused on progressing Mahalo North.

“We would like to thank Harding-Smith for his contribution and wish him well for his future endeavours,” Comet Ridge managing director Tor McCaul said.

Comet will make a future announcement in relation to the CFO role, when appropriate.