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Mahalo North 1 production a resounding success

Mahalo gas project

Comet Ridge’s Mahalo North 1 well is steaming ahead as it continues to increase its gas production on a daily basis.

The well is currently producing over 310 million cubic feet of gas per day (Mcfd), an almost fourfold increase since the recommencement of the production test on 26 May 2022.

Moreover, Comet Ridge has previously reported a gas production rate of 85 Mcfd, this occurred while the production test was paused in mid-May to install the larger pump.

Dewatering of the coal is set to continue, with the well maintaining a consistent water production rate of approximately 1560 barrels of water per day (bwpd) compared to the original pump’s capacity of a maximum of 800 bwpd.

Moreover, as reservoir pressure reduces a higher level of gas production is anticipated.

Managing director of Comet Ridge, Tor McCaul, expressed excitement over the promising gas production levels with the company eagerly anticipating the continuation of production activities.

“Modelling indicates this well is draining a large area of the reservoir, which is encouraging for Mahalo North’s productivity,” said McCaul.

“It also provides us with flexibility for future well spacing to optimise development and achieve strong ultimate gas recovery from each production well.”

Comet Ridge is an Australian energy company focused on the development of natural gas resources for the strained each coast Australian market.

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