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More for Australia’s gas industry at Energy Networks 2014

The challenges and opportunities facing suppliers, shippers, networks, retailers and customers will be put in sharp relief at Energy Networks 2014 – The Future is Now, the premier event for the energy networks sector hosted by the Energy Networks Association in Melbourne from 29 April-1 May 2014.

A dedicated gas forum at the Energy Networks 2014 will test the effect of Australian domestic gas prices on national competitiveness and the comparative energy advantage that has historically been enjoyed by Australian consumers.

The forum will examine how the gas industry can position itself as a sustainable and efficient fuel of choice in the long term, and provide key perspectives on the future of Australia’s domestic gas industry from Peter Geers (Australian Energy Market Operator), Paul Balfe (ACIL Allen) and gas network providers Envestra, Jemena, United Energy and Multinet Gas, Zinfra Group and ATCO Gas and Australian manufacturers, Orora Limited (formerly Amcor).

It will bring together gas industry leaders and independent analysts to critically examine how the sector is responding to upstream and regulatory trends and the implications for gas network managers, pipeline and asset management service providers.

Energy Networks 2014 will shine a light on:

  • The outlook for energy policy and market outcomes for gas customers;
  • The role of gas in meeting the big environmental challenges;
  • Lessons learned from major gas network infrastructure projects; and,
  • Technical challenges facing the industry in a skills-constrained workforce environment.

In addition to this dedicated forum, gas industry professionals will be interested in the opening Ministerial address from the Federal Minister for Industry Ian Macfarlane. Minister Macfarlane brings more than a decade of experience in the energy portfolio and brings a pragmatic approach to energy policy and reform. His address will be timely for all of those involved in the Energy sector as the Australian Government develops its 2014 Energy White Paper.

Energy Networks 2014 will also feature an International keynote address by the recently appointed Chair of the UK Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) David Gray, who is responsible for the regulation of gas and electricity industries in the UK. This keynote address will provide delegates with key insights from one of the world’s most influential regulatory agencies.

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