New advances in syngas production using latest process technology

Rockwell Automation’s recognised system integrator ATSys is used by Leigh Creek Energy to develop the electrical implementation and control system for its plant. Leigh Creek has also adopted Rockwell Automation’s integrated architecture solution, allowing all equipment to seamlessly integrate over ethernet into the controllers.

Leigh Creek Energy Limited an innovative energy company selected the Leigh Creek Coalfield as an appropriate site for the pilot facility of an above ground plant and the establishment of a below ground single ISG gasifier chamber.

ATSys, a Rockwell Automation Recognised System Integrator, was commissioned to develop the electrical implementation and control system for the plant.

Rockwell Automation PlantPAx® distributed control system provided seamless integration between critical process areas of the plant, the Allen-Bradley® CompactLogix™ controllers together with PowerFlex® drives with Safe Torque-Off delivered a fully integrated architecture.

The pilot project resulted in the successful production of commercial syngas.