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New Glenaras well to accelerate production

Glenaras rig, Galilee Energy

A sixth well has been added to Galilee Energy’s 2022 drilling program at the multi-well pilot. Glenaras 29 will be drilled in the centre of the existing lateral wells and will therefore receive the benefit of maximum interference and shielding in an area of maximum pressure depletion.

Glenaras 26, the fifth well in the current program, was spudded over the June 11 and 12 weekend. The willing is drilling ahead at 1011 m to a total depth of 1050 m.

The additional well has been made possible in large part by the refund received recently and the experience gained from successfully drilling adjacent to and through the fault in the southern part of the pilot. The main challenge remains the risks associated with drilling in an area of maximum pressure depletion.

While still an inherent risk, the successful drilling track record of the 2022 programme in similarly challenging conditions, has provided the necessary confidence that the potential risk is worth the significant benefits which is believed will result from the additional well.

The primary benefit of the works is the ability to decrease the time required to achieve critical desorption and in turn an indication of commercial gas rates. This has taken on increasing significance with the unforeseen delays to the current programme due to the various unseasonal rainfall events.

Such events have not only impacted the drilling schedule and all site works but have also resulted in the existing pilot wells being suspended and shut for extended periods.

The location of the Glenaras 29 will intersect with the entire coal sequence and shall see an expedited pressure reduction within the centre of the pilot.

Given current gas shortages across Australia and the attractive global gas pricing, the enormous certified contingent resource position Galilee holds has become increasingly valuable.

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