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Norwest begins drilling last Lockyer Deep-1 well

Buru Energy

Norwest Energy has reported that the immediate section to 3097m at the Lockyer Deep-1 well was cased and cemented for the Western Australian project.

Drilling beyond the casing show commenced on Saturday, with the well set to be directionally steered to an 30 degree deviated section so that the well path will track subparallel to the Lockyer fault, targeting the primary reservoir targets at an optimal location.

The company outlined that as of Sunday, drilling has reached a total depth of 3329m.

The Dongara Sandstone and Wagina Fm secondary objectives were encountered at 3117m and 3165m, with the top of the Dongara Sandstone coinciding with a notable drilling break and oil fluorescence observed over a 158m section from the top Dongara Sandstone and into the Wagina Fm.

Norwest Energy advised that elevated gas peaks were also evident throughout the Dongara/Wagina section, observed at various depths between 3107m and 3205m, with a maximum total gas reading of 19.6 per cent recorded from the Wagina Fm at 3175m.

Lockyer Deep-1 is located within exploration permit EP368 and is a joint venture between Norwest (20 per cent) and Energy Resources (80 per cent, operator).

The well is deigned to test a large structure at the Kingia and High Cliff formations, and lies on trend with discoveries made at Waitsia, West Erregulla and Behara Spring Deep.

The geological chance of success for Lockyer Deep-1 is estimated by Norwest Energy to be 38 per cent.

Norwest highlighted that the Lockyer Deep-1 well location was selected to test a very large, fault-closed three-way dip structure at the Kingia and High Cliff levels within the Permian gas play’s sweet spot.

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