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Norwest suspends Lockyer Deep work

Buru Energy

Norwest Energy has reached the surface casing point at 1205 metres at the Lockyer Deep-1 gas exploration well, in Western Australia.

As a result, surface casing has been run and cemented, and the wellhead has been installed.

The forward program is to install the blowout preventer before drilling ahead with the 12.4-inch bit through the intermediate section.

In addition, Norwest has advised that due to the recently announced border restrictions between Western Australia and other states, operations have been suspended for three to four days to provide sufficient time for the drilling contractor’s equipment and personnel to be readied for continued operations to completion of the Lockyer Deep-1 well.

The Lockyer Deep-1 well is designed to test a large structure at the Kingia and High Cliff formations, on trend with the significant discoveries made thus far within the emerging Permian deep gas play of the north Perth Basin.

The well is prognosed to take a total of 35 days to reach a total depth of 4185 metres (TVDSS). Lockyer Deep-1 is situated within exploration permit EP368, and is a joint venture between Norwest (20 per cent) and Energy Resources (80 per cent, operator).

The geological chance of success for Lockyer Deep-1 is estimated by Norwest Energy to be 38 per cent.

Norwest highlighted that the Lockyer Deep-1 well location was selected to test a very large, fault-closed three-way dip structure at the Kingia and High Cliff levels within the Permian gas play’s sweet spot.

Drilling at Waitsia, West Erregulla and Beharra Springs Deep has resulted in three substantial gas discoveries from three exploration wells.

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