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Norwest to commence testing and seismic operations

Norwest, Lockyer Deep-1 Gas Discovery Well

Norwest Energy has announced that the Lockyer Deep-1 well is now conditioned for perforation in the Kingia reservoir interval, having established the desired level of ‘underbalance’. 

Underbalanced drilling is a procedure used to drill wells where the pressure in the wellborn is kept lower than the static pressure oft the formation being drilled.

As the well is drilled, formation fluids flow into the wellborn and up to the surface. 

Perforation of Lockyer Deep-1 has been postponed due to contractor delays in mobilising all necessary equipment to site. 

Norwest said commencement of the testing program remains as scheduled, with operations anticipated to begin around 9 March, when crews and equipment will be mobilised from Buru Energy’s Rafael-1 well test.  

At this time, on-ground preparatory operations for the 148 line km Ringneck 2D program have commenced and the main acquisition crew will begin mobilising to Western Australia on 3 March upon opening of the WA border. 

Acquisition operations are anticipated to commence shortly thereafter with acquisition scheduled for completion by the end of March. 

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