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NT portal to support onshore petroleum work

The Northern Territory Government has created a portal for the public to access key information and data about onshore petroleum activities.

The Petroleum Onshore Information NT (POINT) portal provides information relating to proposed and approved activities, including environmental approvals, environment management plans, monitoring data and compliance reporting.

POINT also contributes to the government’s commitment of ensuring transparency in the development and regulation of the onshore petroleum industry.

Northern Territory Minister for Mining and Industry Nicole Manison said the NT Government is building a productive onshore petroleum industry that protects its environment and delivers local jobs.

“Strengthening regulation will ensure industry is accountable for its practices, water and the environment is safeguarded, community and culture is respected, the benefits and opportunities available to local businesses and communities is maximised, and to ensure planning for future,” Manison said.

“Jobs are critical to Territorians, and a healthy exploration sector can play a key role in supporting our economy.”

NT Minister for Environment Eva Lawler added that the launch of POINT further strengthens accountability and transparency, and is another measure to protect the environment.

“Our natural environment is one of our best assets and it’s a large part of what makes living in the Territory so special,” Lawler said.

“It is important that our unique environment and the jobs that rely on it are protected – and that is exactly what this government is doing.”

Federal Minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia Keith Pitt last month announced the government would accelerate the Beetaloo sub-Basin to create jobs, provide economic benefits and ensure Australia remains a world leader in the production of natural gas.

Pitt said the Australian Government’s approach would speed up exploration and production in the Beetaloo by around two years.

“The government will provide up to $50 million for exploration that occurs before 30 June 2022, allowing the benefits of this important asset to be realised sooner,” Pitt said.

“The funding will fast track drilling by providing grants to cover 25 per cent of eligible exploration costs, capped at $7.5 million per well and three wells per exploration venture.”

Pitt further highlighted that the Beetaloo Basin has been described as the “hottest play on the planet” and will transform the NT economy and generate 60,00 jobs by 2040.

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