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OAGT industry quiz

Test your knowledge of the oil and gas industry with our new weekly Wednesday OAGT industry quiz.


  1. Which company had its managing director step down this week and who was it?
  2. What company does Altrad Australia intend to acquire?
  3. What contract did Ventia Australia secure and for what company?
  4. The term Mtpa stands for what?
  5. In what year was the National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority (NOPSA) established?
  6. When did Santos first discover gas?

Answers to the OAGT industry quiz questions are listed below. 



  1. Oil Search managing director Keiran Wulff.

Source: https://www.oilandgastoday.com.au/oil-search-md-steps-down/

2. Altrad Australia annoucned it intends to acquire Valmec.

Source: https://www.oilandgastoday.com.au/altrad-to-acquire-valmec/

3. Ventia Australia has won a long-term maintenance master contract with Chevron Australia for works in Western Australia.

Source: https://www.oilandgastoday.com.au/chevron-awards-ventia-long-term-maintenance-contract/

4. Million tonnes per annum.

Source: https://www.appea.com.au/industry/policy/glossary/

5. In 2005 NOPSA was established as the sole regulator for offshore safety in Commonwealth waters.

Source: https://www.nopsema.gov.au/about/what-we-do/our-history

6. Santos first discovered gas in 1954.

Source: https://www.santos.com/proudly-australian-made/

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