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OAGT industry quiz

Test your knowledge of the oil and gas industry with our new weekly Wednesday OAGT industry quiz.


  1. What company’s interest in the Mahalo gas project is Comet Ridge planning to acquire?
  2. GF Engineering has been awarded a contract for what project in Western Australia?
  3. What is petroleum?
  4. What two companies have agreed on merger terms for a possible merge? 
  5. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency can now provide financial support for what low emission technologies?
  6. Where has Beach Energy recently been given approval to undertake subsea installation and commissioning activities?

Answers to the OAGT industry quiz questions are listed below. 



  1. Comet Ridge has entered into an agreement to acquire APLNG’s interest in the Mahalo gas project.

Source: https://www.oilandgastoday.com.au/comet-ridge-to-acquire-aplngs-share-in-mahalo/

2. GF Engineering has been awarded the contract for the fabrication of process piping for the Waitsia gas project Stage 2 in Western Australia.

Source: https://www.oilandgastoday.com.au/gf-engineering-secures-waitsia-contract/

3. Liquid, gaseous and solid hydrocarbons, including oil, natural gas, gas condensate, ethane, propane, butane and pentane.

Source: https://www.appea.com.au/industry/policy/glossary/

4. Santos and Oil Search.

Source: https://www.santos.com/news/santos-agrees-proposed-merger-ratio-with-oil-search/

5. This includes clean hydrogen and carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS).

Source: https://www.ppo.com.au/new-regulations-take-effects-on-arenas-expanded-scope/

6. In the Otway offshore phase four development, Victoria.

Source: https://www.ppo.com.au/beach-energy-approved-for-otway-wells/

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