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OAGT industry quiz

Test your knowledge of the oil and gas industry with our weekly Wednesday OAGT industry quiz.


  1. What challenges has Galilee Energy faced while pumping on the Glenaras program?
  2. What is the New South Wales Government’s new emissions target for 2030?
  3. Lion Energy is positioning itself to become a producer of which energy source?
  4. Why did State Gas sign a memorandum of understanding with Rockminsolutions?
  5. When was Santos chief executive Kevin Gallagher officially made CEO?
  6. What is Beach Energy’s new target for oil production?


Answers to the OAGT industry quiz questions are listed below. 


1. Pump troubles, which the company has anecdotally said were caused by gas and/or solids entering the pump inlets.

Source: https://www.oilandgastoday.com.au/glenaras-gas-project-update/

2. To slash emissions by 50 per cent below 2005 levels. This revised figure is a steep increase on the government’s previous goal to reduce emissions by 35 per cent.

Source: https://www.oilandgastoday.com.au/nsw-new-2030-emissions-targets/

3. Hydrogen.

Source: https://www.oilandgastoday.com.au/lion-positions-itself-to-be-hydrogen-producer/

4. To investigate carbon sequestration and low emission hydrogen in Queensland.

Source: https://www.oilandgastoday.com.au/lion-positions-itself-to-be-hydrogen-producer/

5. 2016.

Source: https://www.santos.com/about-us/our-leadership/

6. 28 million barrels of oil equivalent (MMboe) in the second half of 2024. 

Source: https://www.oilandgastoday.com.au/beach-energy-sets-sights-on-new-target/

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