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OAGT industry quiz

Test your knowledge of the oil and gas industry with our new weekly Wednesday quiz.


  1. What are seismic survey used for in the industry?
  2. What are the three main uses of oil and gas in a domestic setting?
  3. Which company did Mosman Oil and Gas award the contract for an airborne gravity and gradiometry survey to?
  4. How much have petroleum production leases rose since December, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)?
  5. Who did Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG) secure a new gas supply agreement with?
  6. Who is Woodside’s new non-executive director?
  7. What pipeline is APA working on and have received steel pipes for? 
  8. Who is the chair of APPEA and CEO of Santos?

Answers to the questions are listed below. 



  1. Seismic surveys are then used to detect whether the rocks are likely to contain oil and gas deposits and how large these deposits are likely to be.   Explorers generate seismic (sound) waves and measure the time taken for the waves to travel from the source, reflect off subsurface features and be detected by receivers at the surface.

Source: https://www.appea.com.au/industry/policy/exploration/

2. Cooking, heating and cooling and appliances.

Source: https://energyinformationaustralia.com.au/oil-and-gas-explained/what-is-oil-and-gas-used-for/

3. Mosman Oil and Gas has awarded the contract for an airborne gravity and gradiometry survey over EP145 in the Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory, to CGG Aviation.

Source: https://www.oilandgastoday.com.au/mosman-confrims-cgg-aviation-for-nt-contract/

4. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has revealed that petroleum production lease areas rose 49.8 per cent from December 2020 last year.

Source: https://www.oilandgastoday.com.au/qld-confidence-boosted-from-abs-stats/

5. APLNG has secured a new gas supply agreement with Queensland Nitrates (QNP), a chemicals manufacturer servicing the resources sector from its facility in Central Queensland.

Source: https://www.oilandgastoday.com.au/aplng-locks-in-gas-deal-with-qld-facility/

6. Woodside has appointed Ben Wyatt as a non-executive director effective immediately.

Source: https://files.woodside/docs/default-source/asx-announcements/2021-asx/appointment-of-non-executive-director.pdf?sfvrsn=83e4d069_2

7. The first four shipments of steel pipes have arrived in Geraldton, Western Australia, for APA Group’s Northern Goldfields interconnect pipeline.

Source: https://www.ppo.com.au/apa-marks-northern-goldfields-milestone-with-pipe-delivery/

8. Kevin Gallagher.

Source: https://www.appea.com.au/about/appea-board/