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OAGT industry quiz

Test your knowledge of the oil and gas industry with our new weekly Wednesday quiz.


  1. True or false: Exports are the cause of higher gas prices?
  2. What does petroleum include?
  3. How many kilometres of of natural gas pipelines does APA Group have to connect sources of supply and markets across mainland Australia?
  4. What year was Woodside registered and where did its name derive from?
  5. What commodities do BHP produce?
  6. Who is the managing director of Jemena?
  7. Which company announced last week that it had completed a $6 million share purchase plan to support its Beetaloo sub-Basin focused growth activities in the Northern Territory.
  8. Who are the participants for the Kurrajong-1 joint venture in Western Australia?
  9. How much funding has ARENA announced to fund three commercial-scale hydrogen projects?
  10. What was Gorgon Project’s total daily production in 2019?

Answers to the questions are listed below. 



  1. False: To lower prices in the southern states, lower-cost gas must be produced in the southern states.

Source: https://www.appea.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/20210310-Myths-v-Facts.pdf

2.  Liquid, gaseous and solid hydrocarbons, including oil, natural gas, gas condensate, ethane, propane, butane and pentane.

Source: https://www.appea.com.au/industry/policy/glossary/

3. 15,000 kilometres.

Source: https://www.apa.com.au/about-apa/apa-overview/

4. Woodside was registered in 1954 and adopted the name of the town of Woodside in Victoria, Australia.

Source: https://www.woodside.com.au/who-we-are/our-story

5. Copper, iron ore, nickel, metallurgical coal, petroleum and potash.

Source: https://www.bhp.com/our-businesses/our-commodities/

6. Frank Tudor.

Source: https://jemena.com.au/about/about-us/leadership-team

7. Empire Energy.

Source: https://www.oilandgastoday.com.au/empire-secures-6m-for-beetaloo-project/

8. Buru Energy and Origin Energy.

Source: https://www.oilandgastoday.com.au/buru-origin-prepared-for-wa-drilling-program/

9.  103.3 million.

Source: https://arena.gov.au/news/over-100-million-to-build-australias-first-large-scale-hydrogen-plants/

10. The Gorgon Project averages 2.3 billion cubic feet of natural gas and 6000 barrels of condensate in 2019.

Source: https://www.chevron.com/projects/gorgon