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Odin-1 cased for future production

Metgasco has confirmed that the Odin-1 exploration well in South Australia will be cased as a gas discovery for future production.

The Cooper Basin joint venture partners, Vintage Energy, Metgasco, Bridgeport and Impress, reported that the well reached total depth at 3140m at 8.20pm last Wednesday, with the SLR184 rig soon to be mobilised to drill the Vali-3 appraisal well in ATP 2021.

Extensive gas shows were encountered in sandstones throughout the primary target Toolachee and Patchawarra formations, as well as within a basal sand of the secondary Epsilon Formation target.

Metgasco outlines that the shows were confirmed as gas pay via the wireline evaluation program which was completed over the weekend. Gas samples were recovered from both the Toolachee and Epsilon formations.

These initial interpretations will now be combined with pressure and sample data from an MDT survey to quantify pay thickness, column heights and compositions.

The joint venture will have the option to connect expected future production form the Odin Field into the Vali production network.

Chief executive officer Ken Aitken said Metgasco believes Odin-1 might be an important Cooper Basin gas discovery.

“The recovery of a gas sample from a wireline conveyed testing tool in the Toolachee and Epsilon formations indicates conventional production upside potential in the Odin-1 well,” Aitken said.

“Metgasco’s decision to farm-in to the PRL211 licence in late 2019 has been well rewarded by discovering gas in three reservoirs at Odin-1.”