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Outstanding productivity at Strike’s South Erregulla-1

Strike Energy's South Erregulla-1

Strike Energy has been testing the producibility from 15m of perforations across the Kingia Sandstone reservoir at 4,844m in the South Erregulla-1 well to great success.

The multi-rate test has delivered excellent results which are reflective of the high-quality gas charged reservoir observed in the well’s petrophysical core analysis.

Testing to date has produced a choke coefficient peak rate of 80 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscfd) and a sustained rate of more than 78 mmscfd on a 76-64-inch choke with a flowing tubing head pressure (FTHP) of 2,590 psi over a five-hour period.

Production at higher rates has been limited by the testing package pipework. However, the results indicate the potential for the well to produce at unrestricted rates in excess of 100 mmscfd.

Neither sand nor formation water has been observed during the test as of 2 June 2022. Likewise, the gas stream from the Kingia Sandstone was a low impurity dry gas which aligns with gas compositions from the Greater Erregulla region.

While zero hydrocarbon liquids were produced during the text, this result was as expected. Overall, the flow testing demonstrates high productivity from the field which can support a low-cost development profile.

The well will undergo a final flow period following which it will be shut in for a pressure build up which will be monitored via downhole gauges to record the sub-surface pressure.

Strike is now set to commence preparation for the production test of the South Erregulla-1 over-pressured Wagina gas discovery. The preparations will require the mobilisation of a workover rig to isolate and reset the tubing at the Wagina Sandstone interval.

The South Erregulla gas discovery in EP503 is 100 per cent owned by Strike Energy. The EP503 is part of the Permian Gas Fairway within the North Perth Basin where the Wagina and Kingia Sandstone gas discoveries are also located.