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Perforation confirms gas for West Erregulla well

Strike Energy has conducted a selective perforation at the West Erregulla 5 well in the base of the Kings Sandstone and has observed gas flows to surface at the Western Australian project.

Perforation #1 was made over a 6m interval at the bottom of the Kingia Sandstone pay zone at a depth of 4641-4747m.

The company reported that these perforations were placed internationally below the interpreted gas-water contact inferred by Strike’s joint venture partner in West Erregulla.

Strike further highlighted that while still in clean-up, repeatable and sustained gas flow established form this section of reservoir demonstrates gas change and moveable hydrocarbons 15m below the water bearing sand units at West Erregulla 4 (WE4) well.

The gas flows at these depths dismiss the water-contact hypothesis and provide further weight and evidence to the presence of a small, perched water lens at WE4as being the source of the anomalously fresh water produced during the WE4 production test.

The company has advised that these initial WE5 flow test observations provide further support and corroborate other data points that the fas water contact of the West Erregulla gas field has not been observed in the drilling.

Looking ahead, Strike will now execute perforation #2 and then conduct the full flow testing program at WE5 before suspending the well as a future producer for the proposed phase one 87 terajoules a day development at the field.

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