Pickles creates a global asset remarketing platform for oil and gas industry

Pickles Oil & Gas is a key international auction and valuation specialist that resources the purchasing of oil and gas equipment, connecting buyers globally to quality offshore and subsea assets.

Providing a wide range of oil and gas equipment and parts available for sale on behalf of leading industry clients, Pickles Oil & Gas division has been setup specifically to remarket equipment for operators.

Pickles Business Development Manager of oil and gas Stephen Amy said the company identified a gap in the market when working with Shell.

“We thought the type of equipment they were giving us needed a dedicated vertical within the Pickles business and it also needed a specialised approach to how we treat this equipment, and go about remarketing it,” Amy said.

“All of the remarketing programs are global, so we had to look at how we were going to target buyers globally that were looking for oil and gas equipment.

“It’s not just something we can isolate to Australia; we need to take those marketing campaigns globally.”

By only selling oil and gas equipment, Amy said it would give the business the ability to “specialise in that equipment and understand it properly, know the markets we are targeting, know what we are talking about when we are discussing that equipment type with potential buyers”.

“It has also enabled us to go to other oil and gas operators and offer them that dedication and service,” he said.

Launched over a year ago, the dedicated division has since grown into a thriving business operating across 23 branches and 28 sites.

Despite the business tossing up the idea for a small amount of time, the concept soon became a sought-after aspect of the oil and gas industry.

“Because we are a very large auction and remarketing business, we have a lot of branches Australia wide and a lot of space, we can take on a lot of equipment, which was appealing to oil and gas companies,” Amy said.

“It was the fact we could take on their surplus equipment and store it and give it the time and effort needed, putting an equipment specific remarketing program together.

“A lot of the time this equipment is taking up valuable space in yards and it is costly for the operator and the fact that they do have other equipment coming in ­– it was an added value for the oil and gas companies.”

The key to Pickles’ dedicated and tailored sales programs is they assesses the equipment for the best fit sales method.

“It is a matter of sitting down and inspecting the equipment and then going back to the vendor and explaining the type of program that will be the best sales method to sell this equipment,” Amy said.

“This way we are definitely getting better financial results for the vendor.”

Amy emphasised that a lot of the subsea equipment sold was by expression of interest, reaching a global market.

“At the end of the day we are really trying to find the end user buyer for that equipment and therefore once that buyer is found we are then achieving the maximum result for the vendor,” he said.

By deciding to create a dedicated oil and gas landing page, Pickles is able to market equipment for clients at the click of a fingertip.

“It allows clients to not have to go into the main Pickles page and sift through all the equipment we are selling, they are able to go to the landing page, and see clearly the oil and gas equipment and the dedication,” Amy said.

“The dedicated site gives Pickles Oil & Gas more of a personalised approach for both the seller and buyer.”

The Pickles company was created in 1964 and has since brought people together by delivering value for its clients.

The privately-owned company was built by people who are passionate about the industry, with a commitment to innovation, experience, quality of relationship and the ability to solve complex problems to strive for the maximum return on all assets.

Through the dedicated oil and gas division, Amy is confident Pickles has established a strong network within Australia and internationally.

“We have been selling this equipment for over a year and we rapidly built a really strong network for this type of equipment globally,” he concluded.