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Pilot Energy begins Mid-West Clean Energy Project

Mid West Clean Energy

Pilot Energy has commenced activities at the Mid West Clean Energy project, with key consultants engaged to progress regulatory approvals, commercialise project commodities, obtain land access and secure project financing and partnering engagements.

The Mid West Clean Energy Project will be conducted over three stages. The first one being the Cliff Head Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS). This involves converting the Cliff Head oil field from oil production to CSS, which will help deliver low cost, clean energy.

The project will provide up to 16 million tonnes of permanent CO2 storage and will utilize onshore and offshore facilities in the foreseeable future. Once operational, this part of the project will be providing a pathway to reduce Western Australia’s Mid West gas industry emissions and will enable Pilot to progress to stage two and three.

Stage two involves the production of blue hydrogen. Once complete, Pilot will progress to stage three. Stage three includes implementing the conversion of hydrogen to ammonia for export, as well as integrating green hydrogen supplementing the stage two hydrogen.

Pilot Energy advised it has a list of competitive advantages, ranging from its material holdings with recognised world-class natural resources to having experienced board members and management team.

The company outlined in its Mid West Clean Energy Feasibility Results Presentation, that the next 12-months will be “aimed at securing all necessary regulatory approvals, securing commercial off-take arrangements and completing a full bankable feasibility study and front-end engineering and design package to enable Pilot to make a final investment decision for the stage one project”.