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Potential Icon-ic CSG find in SA

Icon Managing Director Ray James said that wireline log data from the Wakefield-1 well, located within PEL 218, indicate a series of coal sections in the Winton formation totalling 8.9 m, with gas shows up to 112 units of methane gas.

“The lowermost coals between 906.9 m and 956.8 m have the best methane gas shows,”? said Mr James.

Mr James said “Crucially, the coal depths are within the commercial range allowed by Icon’s gas certifiers, Netherland, Sewell and Associates.”?

Mr James also added that the CSG find was located where the Moomba to Ballera gas pipeline traverses the central area of PEL 218 and Icon’s adjacent proposed ATP 855P, adding to the viability of any new gas resource.

Icon has a 33.3 per cent working interest in PEL 218 and an 80 per cent interest in ATP 855P, which is yet to be granted by the Queensland Government.

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