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Power whenever you need it, wherever you want it

Remote applications, environmental monitoring, security, communications, public and general lighting, traffic management, the list of applications goes on.

Depending on how it’s configured, the Independent Smart Pole (ISP1/ISP2) will provide either 40W or 80W of continuous power 24/7.

There is enough redundancy built into the system to provide continuous power for 3 days without further solar or wind generation.

This is achieved by using a 400W wind turbine generator and 2 x 360W PV panels on the ISP1 and 400W wind turbine generator and 2 x 470W PV panels on the ISP2.

The units wind-solar hybrid successfully powers a range of highly efficient and functional application using it’s AGM/LiFePo4 battery technology coupled with the controller’s smart power management techniques to satisfy consumer requirements.

The inbuilt software can conserve energy by controlling the load on/off times and load power levels and can increase the power for periods as required. After the requirement is met it returns to reduced standby power.

Benefits include: 

  • Remote flexible and efficient deployment capability
  • No grid connection required
  • No requirement for fibre network infrastructure in remote areas
  • Fully standalone system with independent recording.
  • Units can be monitored and configured remotely
  • Extensive intelligent video analytics capability

For further details contact: sales@trafficsensors.com or call: 0407 330 656