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Progress on Mahalo North 1 and 2

Mahalo gas project

Comet Ridge has reported positive results at Mahalo North 1 vertical well and has begun operations on the dual lateral well at Mahalo North 2, Queensland.

The company advised that the drilling returned positive coal thickness and permeability eased in the reservoir, as well as good quality goal samples for lab analysis. 

The well reached a total depth of 414 m, and managing director Tor McCaul said the findings were encouraging news to the company. 

“This well is a tremendous result for Comet Ridge. The data obtained from Mahalo North 1 endorses the very detailed geomodel which Comet Ridge has built based on coal bore and seismic data processed in this area,” said McCaul. 

“Importantly, the permeability measured in this well is at the high end of our predictions, based on our Mahalo Gas Project experience, and confirms our high expectation for the expanded Mahalo Gas hub and the extension of the high quality fairway.” 

The rig has now moved 450 m west-southwest to the Mahalo North 2 location, and drilling operations have commenced on the dual lateral well. 

The dual lateral well will provide the connection to a significant section of coal and allow a pathway for water and gas to flow from along the coal reservoir via the lateral well, and then into the vertical well for transport to surface.

As of the morning of 26 October, drilling had already been completed at 42 m and casing was cemented in place. 

The well control equipment is currently being installed before drilling continues. 

“After such a great result from Mahalo North 1, we are looking forward to the next phase of the drilling program at Mahalo North 2, which will be the first development style and long length well on the fairway.” 

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