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Project Venus prepares for pilot drilling

Strike Energy

Strata-X Energy and Real Energy have commenced site preparation and are mobilising equipment for the drilling of the Venus 1 well in the Surat Basin, Queensland.

The Venus 1 well is expected to be spudded next week, following the well reaching total depth and with plans in place to case and suspend the well.

In September, the JV selected Roma-based drilling contractor Silver City to drill the Venus-1 well. It will be drilled to 400m, cased, then drilled out to a total depth of 680m, leaving the highly gas saturated Juandah coal seams open and uncased.

The companies reported that after the Silver City rig is demobilised, a Wellpro coil tubing unit will be mobilised and they will carry out a short-term initial water influx test.

Following this, 40 separate intervals of highly gas saturated Juandah coal seams will be abrasive jetted. Abrasive jetting is a non-frack coil tubing-deployed reservoir stimulation method, designed to improve water influx and gas flows from the targeted gassy coals.

After the enhancement, the well will be set up as the first pilot production well for a controlled fluid drawdown, with testing set to continue into early 2021.

Strata-X outlined that the production testing is designed to prove initial gas breakout and increase gas flows over the controlled draw down period.

The result of the production test will also be used to decide if the pilot is expanded, or if commercial flow rates are achieved, an appraisal program is designed to certify sufficient reserves for the Venus JV to secure a gas sales agreement, allowing for commercial field development.

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