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Venus results boost Pure Hydrogen confidence

State Gas well starts production test

Pure Hydrogen has recorded an initial gas breakout at its Venus-1 well, located on Project Venus in Central Queensland, after only 50 barrels of water production.

The early gas breakout confirms the interpreted high gas saturation of the target Walloon coals.

The company reported that the breakout gas rate, estimated at 84,000 cod, is expected to continue to increase as the controlled pressure draw down expands radially into multiple high gas saturated coal reservoirs from the low cost Venus-1 vertical production well.

The results of the flow test to data and current gas pressure build-up suggests a successful, more robust enhancement at Venus-1 could substantially decrease the time to achieve commercial gas flows.

A second stage enhancement is currently under consideration for implementation at the Venus pilot well in the coming weeks.

Pure Hydrogen stated that proving commercial gas flows at Venus-1 could convert the recently certified 130 PJ of 2C gas resource to 2P gas reserves.

Certifying 130 PJ’s of gas reserves is sufficient to underpin a sizeable gas sales contract to justify development of the Venus CSG field and connection to the nearby gas pipeline infrastructure.

In addition, the company has selected the Venus CSG field as a potential location for a demonstration CSG to hydrogen production facility and hydrogen hub.

Managing director Scott Brown said Pure Hydrogen is encouraged by the initial gas breakout after only 50 barrels of water production at Venus-1.

“It is a positive step toward proving commercial gas flows and the certification of material gas reserves at Project Venus located near the town of Miles in Queensland,” he said.