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QLD Gov releases gas blueprint

Amongst these, an “˜LNG Industry Unit’ will be established. The unit will ensure co-ordination of the government’s response to industry issues, develop and implement the Government’s coal seam gas (CSG) and LNG policies, develop a 30 year “˜master plan’ for the western basin of the Port of Gladstone, and assist individual LNG projects with approvals, land tenure and infrastructure negotiations.

The Government’s blueprint also includes the extension of the Gladstone State Development Area to encompass part of Curtis Island as an LNG precinct, and the previously announced dedicated pipeline corridor between Gladstone and the Callide Range.

Further activities undertaken include the creation of a number of committees involving government and industry personnel. One such group is the Premier’s LNG forum, which allows LNG industry leaders to discuss issues with senior government ministers.

The Government has also made a number of decisions in relation to the management of the water, which is a by-product of CSG drilling. The Government has concluded that CSG producers will be responsible for the treatment and disposal of CSG water they create; evaporation ponds will be discontinued as the primary means of disposal; and water which is in excess to that which can be directly injected or beneficially used is to be aggregated for disposal.

To address the possible impact of CSG developments on groundwater resources, the Government will fully implement groundwater monitoring, assessment and report; expand the application of make good requirements to include cumulative impacts, impacts on bores built after the LNG proponents have received their environmental authority, and impacts on springs; and develop a regional groundwater monitoring regime.

Queensland Treasurer and Minister for Employment and Economic Development Andrew Fraser said “Today we lay the groundwork – implementing the policy platform that will frame the shape of an LNG industry in Queensland.”?

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