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Queensland releases mass of land for gas

The 30,000 km2 release is one of Queensland’s largest ever and more than 30 per cent of the land has been reserved for domestic supply.

The area is spread across six basins – Bowen, Surat, Galilee, Adavale, Eromanga and Millungera – and bids will be open for submission on 7 November 2019.

Queensland Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy Dr Anthony Lynham said more gas was the only long-term way to create affordable domestic gas supply.

“Business and industry – particularly our manufacturers — needs more affordable gas to fuel jobs and there’s one sure-fire way to do that – produce more gas,” he said.

“This is Queensland continuing to do the heavy lifting on gas for the domestic market for jobs.”

The state government has released more than 39,000 km2 of land for gas exploration since 2015 and developments from these releases, such as Senex Energy’s Project Atlas, are beginning to come online.

For more information visit the Queensland Government website.

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