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Rafael to begin flow test

Sasanof-1 exploration well

A change in Western Australia’s border regulations has meant scheduling for Rafael-1 flow testing will commence a week earlier than anticipated. 

Buru Energy announced the Rafael 1 well encountered “significant” gas columns and was suspended pending a flow test of the Ungani Dolomite equivalent reservoir section. 

Buru said the flow test is the next critical step in quantifying the potential of the discovery. 

At time of writing, specialised crews required for the flow test are being mobilised from their locations in Queensland and South Australia. 

Changes to the WA quarantine requirements announced on Monday 7 February mean that the crew conducting the Rafael flow test will now be released from quarantine a week earlier than expected. 

After just 7 days of quarantine in Perth, beginning 5 February, and subject to testing requirements, the crew will be ready to commence a test program. 

Subject to weather conditions, the test program is due to start mid February. 

The program, which will include a series of flow periods and shut-ins to determine reservoir parameters, will take around 10 days. 

The available data on the discovery is currently being reviewed by an independent reserves certifier to estimate the contingent resources of the accumulation. 

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