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RBR secures base for massive Mozambique LNG project

RBR has taken a pivotal step in its strategy to supply training and labour to Mozambique’s emerging $70 billion liquified natural gas (LNG) construction industry by securing a key operations base.

The company has acquired a sublease to the established Wentworth camp site in the town of Palma that will enable it to scale up operations and train workers for construction jobs in the nearby LNG industry.

Less than 10 kilometres from the Mozambique LNG construction site, Wentworth was established in the early 2000s as a petroleum exploration camp and was built to oil and gas industry standards at the time.

The site is 44,000 square metres in size, is connected to the national power grid, and provided (at its peak) accommodation, office space, medical and recreational facilities, catering and support infrastructure for more than 100 people.

The current head-leaseholder intends to undertake significant improvements and further development of the camp.

RBR plans to base its training and labour hire/recruitment operations at the site complement these development plans.

The company’s tenancy in the unique site is anticipated to provide accommodation for trainers, catering, classrooms and both undercover and open-air facilities for training in health and safety, work-readiness and practical skills such as scaffolding and rigging.

RBR decided its current operations at the nearby Amarula Hotel did not afford it with the ability to expand operations in line with its growth strategy, whereas Wentworth is perfectly suited to its ambitions in terms of scale and independence through dedicated facilities.

The company plans to transition operational activities from Amarula to Wentworth over the coming weeks.