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Reid’s Dome well performance escalates

State Gas’ confidence has been boosted after the Nyanda-4 well at the Reid’s Dome gas project in Queensland produced at a rate of 78 cubic feet per day.

The company outlined that this was a result of production being re-established on January 19, with the water being gradually drawn down to release the gas.

According to State Gas, the results were at least as good as, if not better than the the current stage during prior testing.

Following Nyanda-7 being drilled just before Christmas and the production test on January 25, 2021, the well has also started to produce gas.

“The well commented producing gas on February 1, 2021 after just six days, a performance analogous with the performance of the successful Nyanda-4 well during its initial production test,” State Gas explained.

Gas production at Nyanda-7 is expected to build steadily as water levels reduce in the well.

In addition, dewatering of the Nyanda-8 well, which was drilled over the New Year period, commenced over the weekend, with gas production currently too early to measure.

Last week the company reported that it the Reid’s Dome gas project would be online sooner than expected after promising results during its phase two program.

State Gas outlined that the primary objective of the phase two program was to appraise the Nyanda area for early development following the strong performance of the Nyanda-4 well at the end of last year.