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Rig arrives for Currajong drilling

Buru Energy

Buru Energy has advised that the mobilisation of the Ensign 863 rig from the Kayla location in the Northern Territory to the Currajong location, 80km east of Broome, is now complete.

The rig is now being rigged up and third party inspections are underway. Currajong-1 is the first of two exploration wells to be drilled under the farmin agreement with Origin Energy.

The company outlined that some specialised equipment being sourced from overseas by Ensign has been delayed, and before the joint venture is able to accept the rig, the equipment needs to be installed and tested.

As a result, the original spud date of the well is unlikely to be before June 24. However, the company reported that the well site pad for the second well in the program, Rafael 1, is currently being completed in preparation for the rig move at the completion of the Currajong 1 well.

Buru executive chairman Eric Streitberg said the company was pleased the rig up of the drilling rig was going well.

“Although commencement of the drilling program has been slightly delayed, we are being very diligent about making sure that the rig is fully fit for purpose and thoroughly inspected before we accept it and commence drilling,” he said.

“We are very much looking forward to getting to work on the wells and are very pleased with the current oil price trajectory in regard to our upcoming oil lifting and sale.”

In addition, the next Ungani oil lifting from the Wyndham tank is scheduled for early July.

Buru highlighted that Ungani production is consistently between 900 and 950 barrels per day and a series of routine production enhancements operations to ensure continuing stable production are currently being carried out.